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Daiki stared and listened to what he had to say, starting to feel even worse for her feelings. This was just...

She shouldn't feel this way about the guy she started dating, right? Daiki should really learn to trust people more but the ability to do so wasn't there anymore. There was no way at all to prove he was the one who murdered Roni, or was even involved in the murders at all, but still she couldn't help it. How could she?

"...Huh?" She asked, surprised by his agreement to her accusations. She was about to apologize /again/ about it, but then he said all of that. To be honest, the blonde expected him to react much differently than that. Why was he...

She let out a surprised yell when the blonde suddenly found that her soul gem... Wasn't on her anymore. What, where...

Her eyes were wide as she gazed at him, her heart now beating fast and her face pale... Why was he...?

"Wha... Lastien!?" she suddenly yelled, a mixture of surprise and fear.

'More like an idiot for trusting me'.

Her heart completely sank at that last response. No... He...

She was right? That couldn't be! Why would he... Why would he do such a thing. But, if this meant she was right about him then... That meant he was one of them...

He killed Roni. He was helping Abhaya Aghanashini. It all finally dawned on her and just as small teardrop trickled down her cheek, all that fear, shock and anguish seemed to vanish and be replaced by... Complete anger and hatred.

That's why she glared daggers at him with probably the most hateful look she ever had. "Y-you... You..." It seemed that when you suddenly have your soul stolen away from you, your brain reacts quicker than normal. "Y-YOU..." Daiki couldn't even finish her sentence.

She was still close and fast enough to straight up tackle him to the ground... Which she did, and hopefully it would catch him off guard and make him drop her gem. But not without attempting to grip her hands around his neck as well as a natural reflex. "S-stop... Please..." She said in a low voice. "You don't have to do this..."

Was she going to die now?

... Well... If she was, then at least now Daiki could be with her friends again.

Lastien had expected Daiki to be utterly shocked by what he did. He knew how she would react to his sudden betrayal. And that glare. Oh, that glare. He just knew he crossed that boundary of really pissing that girl off. While he was prepared for a strike back of any kind, he hadn’t expected a full on tackle to the goddamn ground. Still holding onto that soul gem tightly, Daiki had thrown him down to the ground and he let a grunt as he hit the floor with his head. Ow. Freaking ow. Lastien had tried to get back up, only to have Daiki just sitting on him and aiming for his neck. So instead, Lastien turned and tossed around as much as possible to get her off, his free hand slapping those hands away from touching his neck because he was going to need to speak if she was saying shit to him.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too late to be saying that to me?” He hissed, glaring back up at Daiki. Lastien’s head was pounding because that hit to the floor -really- hurt. But he wasn’t going to let that deter his plans. He needed to stay conscious enough to either kill her or just SOMETHING. But he was smirking now. Finally there was nothing to hide. FINALLY he didn’t have to lie because Daiki was more than likely not going to live through this. “You were right to doubt me~” His eyes seemed to glimmer, the boy finally using his strength to shove her off and attempt to get back to his feet while he could. “I did kill Roni. I’ve killed a lot more than just her. You wouldn’t even believe what I have done since that…day.”

Fuck though. Why oh why did Daiki have to remind him of Roni constantly. This felt just like what happened at that warehouse. Betrayal. All he was good for was betraying everyone he had become friends with. And for what purpose? Roni had been because she pissed him off and she was just sooo stupid. It was with her death that he managed to move on with no regrets. And yet lately, those regrets were coming back. Daiki, another stupid and way to trusting girl. She acted just like Roni in the regard that she knew shit was happening around her, and yet would completely believe in her friend who was such a huge suspect in the terrible things going on. And that was what pained Lastien to no end. Both had trusted him, no matter what others said. Both had cared for him and relied on him for help and advice. Daiki had relied on him more than ever and had even called him a boyfriend. This hurt. This hurt a lot for the boy.

He needed to eliminate these feelings yet again and move on. He absolutely NEEDED to. Roni had not forgiven him at that time. With those hateful eyes of hers, why would Daiki forgive him either?

Why should she forgive him? Daiki should hate him, she should want to kill him until there was nothing left of him. A large part of her did feel that way, but then at the same time she just... Couldn't hate him.

But why?

Oh, right. Cause this blonde girl in front of him /wasn't Roni/. No matter how much the two had in common. Or maybe she really was just way too stupid and naive for her own good, even as her gem was about to be crushed right in front of her. When Daiki felt herself get thrown off, she also quickly got back to her feet but didn't strike again. She kept her stance and kept glaring. Yes, Lastien, you definitely crossed a line at this rate.

Suddenly, all that hatred she felt washed away and was replaced once again, Daiki now felt defeated. She knew Lastien was stronger than her...

She just shook her head as he spoke, about killing more after Roni, about being right to accuse him... Why.

Just... Why!? Why couldn't there be more /good/ magi around that didn't feel the need to murder others. She sighed.

"...Why..." She whispered. "You didn't have to do that... You don't have to be this way." Brown eyes glimmered with tears. So, he was in that evil group, then? With Abhaya and William?

"Please stop... Just, give me my gem back." Oh? What was this? Daiki ACTUALLY feared death? Well that was new, the blonde didn't want want to die by the hands of her evil boyfriend, to be honest. Well... Most likely ex-boyfriend now. But Daiki knew the possibility of her living through this was very close to a zero percent.

She was so dumb. Why did she have to rely on so many people all this time? All they did was die or betray her, as proven now. The only people she knew that hadn't done either were all probably set up for death or evil at some point, or she wasn't close enough friends with to rely on them as much.

"Is this really what you want?" She meant murdering everyone, of course. "Is this really what you had in mind when you became a magi? It'll only come back and haunt you..." She looked up at him, more tears streaming down her face.

Daivor would be disappointed.

“Oh, but I had to kill her.” Lastien’s grin widened, now on his feet and holding onto that gem in his hand, peering down at it ever now and again to make sure it was still there and safe. “There was a very good reason that she and Vincent had to die. Or rather, they weren’t supposed to die at first. But things changed when someone went off and died.” He shrugged. “The new plan had worked out much better in our favor though.”

Lastien’s eyes fell on Daiki. She knew she was in deep shit and he enjoyed that defeated expression of hers. It was actually a huge load off his shoulders to finally be able to speak about everything he’s done, even if said person hearing everything was pretty much going to die. But all this shit had just been bottling itself up inside of him for a long, long time now. The fact that he could finally brag and not be so silent…it was relieving in a way. Though not for Daiki of course.

His expression turned into that of pity for the moment. Maybe she’d understand his struggles once he told everything, yes? It’s not like she could run away without her gem anyways. “My intentions were pure in the beginning, if you must know. You know the majority of my wish, to heal someone. That was innocent enough, wasn’t it?” Lastien hadn’t wished for anything to boost himself other than to save what he thought was important at the time. There was no evil in his mind at that time, that was for sure.

“But there is a reason I had to result to murder. It was for our survival. You, me, and every other magi here. Those two had to die for us to still be alive right now.”

'Oh, but I had to kill her.'


Daiki was no longer phased by that smirk on his face, she instead simply crossed her arms and glared at him softly. The blonde was never going to trust him ever again at this rate. What good reason could they possibly have to murder other magi anyway? What could possibly be good about any of these people!?

That's a question that would simply ahve to go unanswered if she didn't get out of this situation alive. Daiki may not hate the redhead, but she /REALLY/ disliked him. His face, that SMILE, made her want to puke.

Was he bragging? That was just pathetic. No, Lastien, she wasn't going to understand you. She could never understand how resorting to ending another person's life would solve anything no matter how much they pissed you off.

No matter how much you disliked them...

If they didn't actually do anything to hurt you, then you shouldn't attack them. They had a life, too.

"...At the beginning." They obviously weren't anymore. "Yeah, that seems like a pretty innocent wish but... Look at you now." She shook her head and the hatred on her face became more visible, "but I don't see how KILLING them could have possibly been a good solution, Lastien! Roni and Vincent didn't seem like the type of people to hurt others or threaten lives..." They were good people...

Or... Were they? Daiki didn't know anymore. But Lastien wasn't innocent, either.

She really wished there was a way to get her gem back and just... Run out. Get the hell out of this place. She wanted to run right now, but... She couldn't do that without her gem, of course.

That question would not go unanswered. Lastien was ready to state his reasoning, though Daiki may not accept his answer of course. About the other cause of getting rid of Vincent and Roni, besides the personal dislike for Roni. This was all sort of a test for Lastien. He wanted to see how Daiki reacted. Whether she believed him or not, what she would do once she knew the truth, everything. Daiki was his little lab rat right now so that he may see what other magi would think from this kind of information.

“My reasoning is not because of how they were. It was their status. One was a very well-known and helpful veteran. The other was a popular magi that was the veteran’s girlfriend. Everyone knew who they were, so it was perfect.” Lastien stared down at the gem, looking it over in his hands. It was a shame such a beautiful gem would either be destroyed or shattered. Either by him or her transforming into a witch. He would much prefer her becoming a witch though.

Lastien looked back over to Daiki though, a dead serious look on his face. “You can choose to believe me or not, but everything I said earlier about what happens after a soul gem turns dark was a lie. I only told you all of that to make you think it was a good idea to let yourself go and let your gem go black.” He paused for a moment, now going back to his point of Roni and Vincent. “That’s what needed to happen from those two deaths. What we needed was for magi to believe there was no hope. They needed to feel distressed and depressed over their deaths to turn their soul gems black. And it sure did work.”

He was now smiling again. That sinister smile. “There have been a lot more witches around lately, don’t you think? The amount of witches doubled…or even tripled once those two died. A lot of magi had gotten depressed and their soul gems turned black. Can you take a guess what happened to all of them?”

His answer, his reasoning as to how it helped... It didn't answer a damn things. So what they were popular, was that just it? Lastien decided to help kill them because people liked them? Was he really that much of an asshole, was he really that selfish?


That was why. It still didn't answer one question though. Daiki now looked down, her eyes dead and empty, tears dried on her face. "...And how does that help our survival? You just said you did it to make people distressed and have no hope... How does that help anything in the end?" She shook her head. It didn't make sense at all to her, but then again she was just too much of a good-goodie magi to understand how making people suffer and die was a good idea.

Daiki expected what he said to be a lie at this point, after taking her gem and admitting to murders with that damn smirk, also looking like he was about to crush her gem- her soul and life... It wasn't a surprise at all.


He couldn't possibly mean... That all those magi that had disappeared, all those magi that had fought to save people, fought to save themselves, those who were once normal human beings turned into those monsters that they had been fighting against everyday!?

No, he... Had to be lying again. He had to be, he had already lied to her before, right? This was just a trick. This was just a trick...

But a small part of her told her, very quietly, 'it all makes sense now, doesn't it?' ...Shit. Shitshitshit!

BB... Is that what happened to her!? How long did he know this!? What was going through her head when she told him that the bee witch reminded her of BB? She knew it... She fucking knew it, godDAMMIT!

Daiki covered her mouth with one hand, eyes wide and hunched over slightly. "H-how... Where did you hear... Something like that?" The blonde's voice was shaky, as fear and grief took over her entire being at that very moment.

Lastien had just waited without saying a word. He just stood there and waited for her to realize what he meant. She couldn’t have been that stupid not to see it, now that he had thrown all the information out to her. And once that expression of hers changed at the realization of what he meant, he -knew-. Congratulations Daiki. You have finally figured it out.

He did not sneer or smile at her miserable expression though. In fact, Lastien looked rather tired for a moment. Was he starting to get tired of all this? The fact that they were magi that were just prolonging their inevitable death? They would all come to an end eventually. Whether it be murdered by soul gem, despairing, whatever. There was no way out of this magi game they had all entered. They would all eventually be doomed to whatever cruel fate awaited them.

His voice was soft now, not as harsh and uncaring as he had been. “Miguel. Me and other members learned from him our fate. This should all make sense to you now, right?” Lastien sighed, remembering the previous witches he has fought. There had been quite a lot of them. “Remember months ago when we found that Lily girl in that witch labyrinth? And how none of us were sure why she went in alone? That’s because she had despaired. She became a witch and our bodies are left behind somewhere in the labyrinth.”

Lastien knew what Daiki was thinking about though. Her closer friends that had suddenly disappeared. “Your friends, BB and Kae, also shared the same fate. They disappeared because they despaired. That really tough witch we fought that was identical to a bee? That had to have been your friend. You know it.”

Now looking more tired than ever, he just kept staring down at that soul gem of Daiki’s. Slowly watching it to see how close she was to despairing after hearing all of this. “That is why we killed certain popular magi. To distress the magi population and cause more despairs. We were lacking on witches while magi are constantly being contracted. What else could we have done other than try to provide a quick source of witches?” There were no lies here. Lastien was telling the full truth for once. It was up to Daiki to believe him or not.

“Basically…we live off the despair of our friends. The only way we can live is to destroy our friends who have become witches.”

Daiki was tired too, of everything. This was all just a game, a stupid game to see who would die first and who survive until the end. Stupid cats. She really did want to rip them apart at this rate.

Congratulations Daiki... You finally know.

The blonde never took the time to notice his softened expression, or his tired expression, she was just... Too wrapped up in it all, this was way too much to take in all of a sudden. How could he do such horrible things? How could those cats do such horrible things? Did they know what was going on? How could Lastien use such horrible methods and feel proud for it?

Killing Roni and Vincent to make everyone despair and get more grief seeds... Sure, it helped people live, but at the same time was it really? While people were living, others were dying, it all balanced out and in the end didn't fix any problems. Were they just trying to get the grief seeds for themselves?

The blonde believed him. She believed his words. And she hated it.

Miguel... BB... Kae... Everyone. They were all either dead or a witch. Or both. Was that really how magi were supposed to survive? Killing their once good friends for themselves? Then if they didn't, they just die or become like those witches themselves? It was a cruel, cruel cycle she would never be able to grasp, that's for sure...

Yet, after all of this, Daiki still wanted her soul gem back from him. She still wanted to do something heroic. There was so much grief yet so much ambition. How was that possible at this point?

The girl said nothing, and just stood there, still too shocked to even let out a small whimper or sound of any sort in response.

Too bad for Daiki, but Lastien was running out of patience. He had said what he needed to and was very much disappointed. He had been really hoping for Daiki’s despair. All of this terrifying information was supposed to make her despair and just give up. Yet she was still there and standing. She still had to have been thinking some kind of positive thought throughout all of this. How though? All of her friends were dead, Lastien had betrayed her, and now she knew the secret of wishes.

Lastien was displeased with this outcome.

He now backed up to the nearest wall, cradling the soul gem in his hands. If she would not despair…then he would still win. The only reason Lastien had gone on to explain everything was because he had no intention to allow her to leave and spout about all of this to anyone. That and…she deserved to know the truth at least. Looking back at her, that smirk had come back. They were just about done.

“Any final words?”

She wasn't exactly thinking the most positive things, Lastien. In fact, almost right after he asked for her final words, she just... Broke. She fell to her knees and covered her eyes, bawling until she couldn't shed a single tear anymore. Fine... Fine. She was going to die now? So what? Everything was already so screwed up she didn't care anymore. She couldn't do anything heroic at this point, she couldn't, she just... How could she do anything heroic after she had already been practically murdering other magi herself? How could she possibly make up for that...?

At least she would be with her friends now. There was some good in this whole experience. She could reunite with them all. Sorry Aaron.

Oh... God no... She didn't want to die.

She didn't want to die. She didn't want to die.

But at the same time, she did. When the girl finally calmed down, she stared up at him, sad brown eyes peering into his blue ones, and the girl stood up again.

Her eye twitched but with a small smile, it wasn't a sinister or cruel one but a sad one. She really did kind of pity him. Maybe this was because he lost a lot of people too? Maybe it became too much for him and he was driven into doing this. Like he said, he started out innocent enough, right? Unless that was a lie, too.

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. But so was she.

"Just so you know... I don't hate you."

Daiki was telling the truth. They were enemies, she wanted to kill him, she wanted to scream at him, she wanted to strangle him, but somewhere deep inside her, the girl couldn't hate him. She didn't know why. The blonde finally let out a genuine smile, "...fine, Lastien. But before I go..." Her smile twisted and the girl was suddenly up in front of him "I'll give you a goodbye kiss." She drew her arm back, and threw her fist at the boy's face with as much force as she possibly could before he could step away.

There. That would be her act of heroism. It was better than nothing.

Oh god. Daiki was just sobbing and Lastien actually REALLY felt bad for a moment. This wasn’t the same as his other murders. There were no evil team members around to help out and give support for his actions. There was no Abhaya around to egg him on into doing what he knew he needed to do and killing her right this moment. It was just him. Alone and with that girl that had once trusted him, though had to have hated and loathed him by now. Lastien KNEW he had to get this over with, but oh man. The crying girl was stopping him from crushing that gem then and there. He did have some kind of morals left dammit.

It didn’t help that she started to suddenly smile so sadly and tell him that she hadn’t hated him. That was impossible. Daiki was bullshitting him and there was NO WAY she just couldn’t hate him after all he’s done. After what he’s about to do. That had to be a complete lie.

So there Lastien stood, doing nothing as she slowly approached. His hand clenched around the soul gem the closer she got, ready to break the thing the moment she tried to make a reach for it. He watched carefully, a curious expression. Good…bye kiss? And then he saw it. That twisted smile and oh god. Lastien had been prepared for a grab for the soul gem, BUT NOT THIS. As soon as the fist connected with his face, all he could feel was pain and his eyes squeezed shut from the impact. “FUCK!” He yelled, screaming profanities at her now. FUCK that had hurt. Anger and rage coursing through his head, the boy threw the soul gem against the wall as hard as he could, letting the damn thing smash and scatter into hundreds of tiny fragments. That would fucking teach her. Daiki would be dead now and there would be no remorse after that.

She didn't care if she died. She didn't care anymore. Daiki wanted to see her friends, even if they gave her sour looks, it hurt being alone, especially after the person you grew to love so much hated you, and finding out that everything she had done since the beginning was just some pathetic game. Daiki was going to turn into a witch if she escaped, anyway, or just smash her gem herself. It was best to just end it now rather than possibly stop him with words.

But she wasn't lying. Until the end, the girl couldn't hate him.

Who knew, maybe if she had somehow escaped this house with her gem in tact he would go to his little group and tell them about her, and she'd end up just like Roni and Vincent.

Her smile never faded. Right after that satisfying punch in the face, she knew it was over. Lastien would be pissed and break her soul gem, but that was fine. Maybe she couldn't fulfill that wish of hers to do something heroic, but... That was fine too. There was no way she could do anything truly good anymore.

As the redhead screamed and swore at her, still in pain after her own act of violence, she dashed over to him and grabbed her by the shoulders, that sinister smile changed back to a soft one and she was... Hugging him?

"Thank you." The girl whispered. "I really don't hate you."

That also wasn't a lie.

Then it happened. Her gem shattered upon making contact with the wall and as she just stared at him, keeping eye contact... That smile. That soft, innocent smile never disappeared as her eyes dulled and all life left in them drained completely.

She slowly fell over and landed on the floor with a large 'thump' sound, and the room was left in complete and utter silence. But as the blonde lied there, she finally felt peace for once. The nice, peaceful sleep of death.

Finally... There were no more nightmares.

Lastien just froze. No no FUCK NO. FUCKING why the FUCK did she do that at the last second? By that time it was already too late and Lastien was just staring back into her eyes as they instantly dulled and shut closed. Her body had just fallen as if it were a ragdoll and… For a brief moment, Daiki had hugged him and he had felt her warmth. She had hugged him and told him she hadn’t hated him. Why. Why why why WHY.

The boy clutched his chest and dug his nails into his skin, just feeling pain and such shitty emotions. Lastien did not ask for that. He might have asked for forgiveness and care long before this point, but not now. NOT when he had JUST shattered her soul. His face hurt, his heart hurt, everything hurt. Why...why couldn't she have just died hating him like everyone else?

How much longer could he keep on doing this?
MH - Lastien/Daiki - The Truth (P2) - [DEATH]
Ah, well, it was a nice run, but she has to say goodbye eventually.

Rest in peace, Daiki.
This killed me emotionally.

4686 Words
250MP Each

It had been a very long day at school. Monday’s were always the worst, Lastien knew, but always tried to seem like his usual studious self on these terrible days. Which was near impossible. Especially with how magi things have been as of late. School had been sooo much easier when he wasn’t a magi. There had been no death involved, no girlfriend, no witches, no nothing to mess with his head while all he had to do was concentrate on school work. Things had been so much simpler before the summer began. But no. All of the school work on top of magi business was slowly but surely putting a strain on the boy. And that was apparent when he somehow managed to forget a book in his last class. The one class that he shared with Daiki at the end of the day. That was so unlike him, but Lastien still had no idea that he was missing a book. Oh well.

He continued to walk that same route he did every day, closing in on his house that was now only one house away. Soooo close and he could just go flop in bed to possibly take a small nap…

Daiki could agree with the boy that Mondays were the worst. It just felt like such a drag all day long and she was always in a tired state until school eventually came to an end. It also seemed so crappy because of, of course, still missing the weekend and having to pull her ass out of bed to get to first period in time.

But, thankfully, school did get to the end and just as she was about to exit sixth period, the blonde stopped when she saw one of Lastien's books on his desk.

He forgot a book? That was so... Unlike him.

Daiki reached down and picked the book up, soon following after the redhead, though he was already far off, so she ended up jogging. After rounding a few corners downtown, she finally began to catch up, sometimes spending a few minutes trying to figure out which way he had gone while chasing him around town without him noticing. But she did eventually spot him nearby a house and ran over, waving.

"Lastien!" Daiki exclaimed, finally catching up, "you forgot your book in class!"

Being a Monday hadn’t even been the worst reason as to why Lastien was in such a weird and tired mood. For one, he had been drinking that weekend and oh boy it had been an interesting weekend. He couldn’t remember a whole ton of what happened, but he knew he had fun despite whatever awkwardness that had happened. At least, Abhaya seemed to have been having way too much fun too. But the day after? That was just TERRIBLE. Hangovers galore. In fact, the boy could still feel some of that pain from yesterday and just…ow. Lastien would have to remind himself to go a little easier on the alcohol on such a short weekend next time.

Oh and he had killed someone last week too. There was that little thing that seemed to tire him out as well, but not so much compared to the drunk weekend.

Ah, there was his house. So close. Soooo close to his bed. Lastien was just now reaching for the door when he heard a familiar voice and just…froze. Oh no. Ooohhh no no no. Why of all times..!? Silently, he turned to Daiki who was running over, an eyebrow raised in wonder. Did she…did she stalk him home? Did she really? Either way this was NOT GOOD and he could only hope that a certain girl was not home at the moment. “Huh?” Lastien managed to say, staring at the book in her hand. Oh. Did he really? God dammit. Stupid Lastien. “Oh…thanks. Sorry you had to run all of the way here to my place…”

Haha... Daiki had no idea what was going on did she. She didn't know her boyfriend was a murderer, she didn't know he let the person Daiki would hate more than anyone else live with him, she didn't know that he was drinking with this same girl and was forming a bond- and possible relationship- with her... You poor, oblivious fool.

And now here she was. Practically running further into his little trap. Although, she can thankfully say that she did not have any hangovers, but then again, she didn't drink alcohol at fifteen. Daiki might drink /some/ when she was older but not now, noooooo way.

Daiki hadn't noticed he froze and looked very, VERY uncomfortable from her finding him, and instead just gave him a small smile. "No problem~" She perked up, surprised by his last statement but at the same time she suspected it, obviously. So... This was his house. Daiki wasn't stalking him, though, she just wanted to bring him his book. "Don't worry about it, I just wanted to make sure you had your book. It doesn't seem very like you to forget it though."

Really, Lastien did not intend on Daiki ever finding out about where he lived. It was the one thing he had managed to keep so well hidden all this time except for Daivor and Abhaya. And now there was a third…a third person that he had never wanted to find out. Well then… What should he do about this?

The answer was obvious.

He would be his same courteous self; the boyfriend that he was supposed to be. It would look so wrong and suspicious if he just forced her to leave. That would only make things worse. Daiki had invited Lastien into her home numerous times, so he should do the same. He would insist, since this was her first time visiting the home as well.

“Yeah…you’re right. I guess a lot has been on my mind lately.” And a lot of thoughts on his mind at this very moment. Lastien returned her smile with his own smile, now offering a hand. “Since you’re here, would you like to come inside? Everything is fine at the moment, so there shouldn’t be any screaming relatives around.”

Aww, well, that was too bad for you Lastien. Daiki knew where you lived now... And Abhaya, basically. Though she didn't realize that second part at the moment. But you had done a good job at hiding it, you just... Messed up.

When he offered her to come inside she was a little surprised, but smiled nonetheless at the offer. His part about having things on his mind she also couldn't help but relate to, but then again, she seemed to always have things on her mind, it was no surprise anymore. "Okay, if you're fine with that~" She then followed the redhead inside.

Hah... What was she getting herself into, she had no clue, and didn't realize she was basically placing foot inside the dragon's lair at this very moment. Because she trusted Lastien too much. When the girl was inside, she took a look around the place. Of course, since he was a Bellingham student he had a much fancier looking house than anyone at Norwood for the most part, and couldn't help but admire her surroundings.

If Lastien played his cards right, then Daiki would -never- find out that Abhaya was currently living there. He had already been thinking of what to do as soon as they entered his home. There were so many options (a lot of choices from here on out), but the first definite option would be to steer Daiki away from his and Abhaya’s room, since that damn girl decided to move into the room right next to his instead of sticking to a guest room. Whether that girl was home or not, Lastien did not want her involved in his plans at this moment. Though if she was around and Lastien managed to end this the way he wanted to, then oh boy. He could only imagine Abhaya sprinting into whatever room they chose because of a sudden soul gem glow.

Lastien watched as she looked around, giving off his most pleasant vibe and trying to stay friendly for the time being. “Of course I’m fine with you being here. Just wish I could have let you come in sooner.” He gestured towards a door down the hallway that was far from his actual room. “My room is actually…a huge mess right now because of relatives coming over.” He made it sound like it was a bunch of little cousins or something just jumping around his room. Hah. “Sooo we can go hang out in one of the other rooms if you’d like?”

"Oh? That... Must suck. But it can be nice to have relatives over too, depending on how your relationship is with them." Daiki replied, following him down the hallway. Even if he said his room was super clean, she still wouldn't had asked about his room, that would... Well, that may seem creepy to ask to see their room, it would make her seem stalker-ish as well, unless he actually suggested or insisted that she saw it. Daiki didn't want to make him uncomfortable and generally respect his privacy as well, even though she was inside his house. It... Wasn't planned, but he DID offer, so whatever.

"I don't really mind what room we go in." she replied. The blonde hadn't really expected them to 'hang out' tonight in his house, if anything, after he asked if she'd like to come all Daiki expected was a quick little peak inside or just sitting out in the living room, but it wasn't like she was complaining or thought it was repulsive to spend time with him.

Lastien was so glad Daiki had so readily agreed. She really could be so stupid at times. Stupid Daiki that liked him in the first place and has been with him up until now, no matter how awkward he had been around her. Was she that desperate? After everyone else so close to her was gone? He could only guess and assume at this point. Either way, it would all work out in his favor in the end.

With a small grin, he nodded to the other and held out a hand for hers, gripping her hand gently and starting to lead the way to the nearest guest room. “This way then.” This was all that he would need.  Once Lastien had walked her over to the room, he held the door open for her and let her walk inside first before following a second after. Now no one would mess with them in such a room that was never visited. He went ahead and took a seat on the nearby bed, sitting closer to the end of the bed to leave room for Daiki. “I’m…really sorry about the dance. We both worked hard putting everything up and then it all ended up ruined in the end.” Lastien felt like he should start there. Bring up such a silly dance as a conversation starter. Those little games they played together had been nice and all, but their dance had been spoiled by Abhaya. Surely Daiki might even choose to start talking about that damn girl that ruined everything, right?

Maybe she was desperate, but after losing a lot of friends in such horrible ways, you can't really blame her for trying to cling onto the last person she thought she could trust anymore. And, of course, that feeling of loneliness without them at that time developed into a crush, and then into truly liking them. Daiki admired Lastien a lot, too. He was always so calm in most situations, or at least able to keep his head together, and he was really strong. He didn't seem to be rude to her at all, either. Daiki didn't want to be alone anymore, and even if Lastien was awkward and very un-romantic she really didn't care. Besides, he had been with her through a lot, he was really the only one who understood things as much as her.

Although, with whatever Lastien may have in store for her in the future could either make her drop down into despair so bad she'll never get out, or finally make her open her eyes and come to her senses. She /had/ been starting to get her head together lately, after all, but the redhead still meant a lot to her.

That feeling of being helpless, and that loneliness... It was all slowly starting to go away, too. The girl really was just too naive.

Honestly, if something ended badly between them now, she may give up on being in a relationship with someone for a long time. The blonde walked in when he gestured her to go first and took a seat on the bed. After listening to him apologize, she shook her head and smiled at him. "No, it's okay, it wasn't your fault anyway. It was because that girl came in and started shooting darts with glue on them and everything."

Ah Daiki. If only Lastien had a clue about what she was thinking at this very moment. About how much she truly liked him and cared for him. He would absolutely love to tell her that he felt the same and that he cared for her despite how awkward their relationship seemed to be (though that was mostly because of him). And yet, he couldn't. In truth, Lastien just could not feel the same. He realized this the moment they started their little relationship that this wasn't really what he wanted. The only thing he had really intended on was for her to live a little longer, but that was it. It would have been such a dick move though if he had said yes, only to immediately take it back. So Lastien had stuck to her like this, pretending to enjoy their time together. And while this went on, he planned in his head what he should do and make of this opportunity. How should he play with this new toy of his?

Lastien really did not expect this encounter today, but it sure did fast-forward his planning that he continued to think about even now. Oh, how would Daiki react once she knew? Once she was told this terrible thing he wanted to tell her so badly, just to see if it would cause what he had been hoping for.

Be careful Daiki. You are not safe here.

With a sad sigh, Lastien just nodded a little in response. True, true. Something he still wanted to smack Abbie for sometimes. "Yeah. I just can't believe that girl did that in front of all of those magi. You noticed there was a lot of magi around us, right?" He sure did. Not that it hadn't been expected, since both schools had been allowed to attend the dance. Surely that would attract many magi to one location. A perfect time to make a statement to a mass amount of them. "I'm pretty sure that girl who came in was that...Abhaya girl. It was kind of hard to tell with the costume, but I'm sure that was her." Come on now Daiki. Start talking about how much you want to fight that girl.

Ah, well, if Daiki knew Lastien's feelings about it all she'd probably be okay with ending their relationship, but still being friends/battle partners. If he didn't want to be around her at all, not even friends, then... She supposed she could... Get over it sometime. The last thing Daiki wanted was to make him uncomfortable or upset since she respected him too much. It would only upset her as well. Nonetheless, the blonde girl would still be upset, but that was in the obvious.

She hadn't a clue what he was doing all this time when she wasn't around, and it really was kind of a shame how naive and trusting Daiki was around him.

She wasn't safe. Not at all. Even though she felt she was.

When Daiki heard from him that the girl was Abhaya she just... Had to process it for a while. That was Abhaya?

...Well, that's kind of awkward. But, how was Lastien so sure it was her? Had he seen her around enough to know? But, Daiki never recalled seeing that girl at Bellingham, so she must be a Norwood student.

"That was her?" Daiki asked. "...Oh. That's kind of awkward."

Well, at least she had a bit of an idea of what she generally looks like, not to mention knowing her full name, unless Aaron lied to her.

To Lastien, it was just so easy to spot her. Especially because of her skin color, appearance, and everything else. Hell he could probably feel her presence whenever she was nearby because of how long they’ve actually lived together up until now. Was that a bad thing? Naaah.

But damn was he slowly growing annoyed in his head. Daiki just was not biting his bait, and therefore couldn’t say much of anything without being suspicious. He was attempting to direct this conversation a certain way, she just was not saying much about it. Just sitting there with tiny comments every now and then.  It was pretty annoying to Lastien, but he knew he did the exact same thing too. But that is only because he isn’t much of a speaker. Daiki is. Argh.

“Yeah.” He mumbled, though shook his head. Maybe he just needed to change the subject into…something similar. “Anyways, anything happening lately? We didn’t really get to talk much at the dance.” If only Lastien knew that a certain raven-haired boy had made Daiki suspicious of him as of late, or that Daiki was considering forming a good group and all.

Well, Daiki didn't live with her, so naturally she wouldn't recognize her immediately. The girl did have her face painted like a raccoon, after all, and she was pretty far off from where she and Lastien were, too.

Hah, she really wasn't trying to give small answers, but maybe she had a few things on her mind that kept her from being as talkative as normal. Too bad for Lastien, he would have to deal with the annoyance. Well, at least only for a few seconds.

"Yeah, it was pretty disappointing..." She might've told Lastien about her meeting with Aaron, but... With the fact that she promised the raven-haired boy she wouldn't tell anyone of his existence, along with her... Suspicions, that idea was shot to hell. "I met some jackass at Bellingham named Joel, though. Apparently he's our school's resident bully." She also kicked him in the crotch.

"Other than that... Not much. I met a couple people, one of them was a magi too and he knew BB, but that's really it." THAT was a sad lunch break. Should she mention the thought of fighting the evil group? Daiki hadn't exactly thought lately of making a goodie group that fought against them unless someone suggested, but in a way she had? She became allies with Aaron and Rivaster mentioned being in a group to fight against them, so... Did that count?

"I've been... Thinking of a few things lately, though. Like, fighting against this evil group going around. I mean, if I get stronger maybe I can change at least /something/, and get allies? I know it sounds crazy now that I say it, though... Maybe just at least save people when necessary, or fight against at least Abhaya since she's, well, not a good person from what I've heard." That's all she wanted anymore, and then... She didn't care if she died.

But at the same time, Daiki didn't know if that part was true. She wasn't as fearful of death anymore, but a small, small part of her screamed that she must survive.

She didn't know why.

Daiki, you will never be able to confirm your suspicions if you keep silent about them. Especially if said suspicions, if never confronted, will make your life unsafe from not knowing who to protect yourself from. If she truly wanted to be safe, her best bet would have been to accuse Lastien. Or at least bring up the subject to make sure who was actually involved with the incident. Lastien sure would have fun leading her on a wild goose chase of it being him or not. Who knows if he would actually give her a decent hint or not.

Lastien blinked a little when Daiki brought up this school bully. Joel huh? For all he knew, it could have been one of those bullies that had picked on Daivor and him years ago at the other wealthy elementary school. Or even middle school? Eh, he’d probably remember if he ever did somehow run into the guy at school. If it was who he was thinking about though (Lastien didn’t care about names all too much back then), he would have to take special care in staying -far- away from him. Or else he would be purposefully trying to persuade this guy into having any wish he ever wanted to be granted. And then promptly kick his ass right after.

To everything else, he just sorta nodded. Little things that had happened, but didn’t seem all that useful to remember. Too bad he didn’t know it had been Avery she had spoken with. He could have brought some peace and closure to that boy who was wondering what had happened to his friend. Lastien knew because he had fought that witch.

As soon as Daiki brought up her thoughts about certain things lately, Lastien suddenly turned serious. Yes. This was what he was waiting for. His opportunity. In his most depressing and dragging voice, he spoke. “That’s really crazy to think about…I think that’s a terrible idea. Fighting against the evil group? Getting possible allies involved?” He let out a long sigh, putting a gentle hand on her shoulder. “That’s no good. Everyone you have become close to up until now has ended up dying. Why risk making more possible friends and allies, only to get them killed too?”

But that's what she was afraid of, the answer. What if her suspicions were confirmed and he was the bad guy? Daiki didn't want that, and something about being in ignorant bliss and going on as normal just seemed so peaceful... But it was dangerous. Why did things have to be this way? Why couldn't people be good people and work together, and the only thing to be afraid of are these awful witches...? And about Joel, she was glad Lastien hadn't exactly responded to that, she really didn't want to talk about the guy to avoid headaches and more frustration at all the douchebags that lived on this planet.

Her eyes widened at his response and she let her head hang down a bit. "I know... It's just that... They're doing awful things and nobody has done anything about it, and if we just leave them alone they'll keep killing magi." But he was correct on the part about dragging others into it. "Besides, it's not like I'd be making future friends or people I care about get dragged into it." She was sure if enough people helped out they could take them down, and only people who were absolutely sure they wanted to fight, and knew they could risk dying should join in, right? Only people who had little to no choice left. That's probably why Daiki didn't want Rivaster getting involved, he had so much potential, and he even had a nice little relationship going, too. It was too late to go back, anyway, Daiki was doomed and made too many mistakes. If she didn't try should would die anyway.

But at the same time, the blonde was so, so tired of fighting, and so tired of watching people get killed. "I want to do something, even if it's just me or I get killed in the process I just want to do something."

Oh Daiki. How were you supposed to take down the bad guys if you weren’t even willing to discover if the person next to you might be one of them? If she was truly planning on going up against them she would have to find out sooner or later. The more she put it off, the more painful it would become…the more suspicious she would become of those around her with sharp weapons as well. At least Daiki had a good time frame of which magi could have done it. Someone before September at the very least.

Lastien was glad that Daiki wasn’t fighting back too much against what he had to say at first. That just meant she was a good and easy target right now. Besides, he would have just argued back that he had always given her solid and correct advice. Why should she doubt what he has to say now? He gave her shoulder a little squeeze, shaking his head. “It’s still a bad idea. There’s no point in fighting against a group that no one has any clue about. And this idea of yours to use magi you wouldn’t care about? First of all, that is wrong. Second of all, if you just let anyone help, who’s to say you might not actually invite a spy into helping this little group you want to make? I know you’re the type to just believe in anything you’re told. Then you’d just walk right into an ambush of who knows how many evil members. Don’t you get it yet…? It would be a massacre, Daiki. Everyone would die one way or another, because of your need to do something special. Isn’t that selfish?” There was just another longer sigh, as if to tell her to give up. Just give in already to the fact that she could do nothing about that group.

“I don’t agree with it. You should give up on those naive ideas of yours.”

"No, you're... Getting my whole argument wrong here." She said, her head still hanging. "Do you really think I would ask random magi, who could either be innocent and had nothing to do with it or a spy from the evil group, to make a group with me to fight against them?" To be honest, she was a little offended that he got that idea from it already, he was just... Jumping to conclusions too much.

"No, I... The last thing I want is for people to get killed, that would defeat the purpose of trying taking care of the bad guys anyway. I mean, I only want to do something to help in /general/, on my own. Only people who are absolutely certain of what could happen should even consider fighting against them, I know that for a fact, and even if I were to still be in a group... I would make sure they can be trusted first, and are sure that's truly what they want..." She shook her head. "I don't want to see anymore people die. Maybe it seems pointless, but if nobody is going to do anything then we're all basically giving up any hopes of it getting better. Death is always a possibility either way."

She looked off to the side a bit. "I'm not trying to force people into fighting them with me. Me wanting to be heroic at least once is my own business, and I know I'm being naive..."

She finally sighed and gave up arguing this topic. "Nevermind... I shouldn't have brought it up, I'm sorry." That didn't mean she was going to give up, though. "I just... I wanted to let you know that I wanted to do something special, it isn't even about the group anymore. Anything revolving around fighting them is a different story."

Was Lastien jumping to conclusions a lot? Yeah, he kind of was. No, he definitely was. He was anxious to make his little plan work, so he was talking more than he usually would. Actually…that kind of impatience may actually help him in a way. At least, he hoped he was giving Daiki the feeling that he was trying to get to a certain point. Trying to build up to something even more.

So once she was done explaining herself, Lastien was still looking rather depressed about the whole situation. As if there was something much more he wanted to tell her. “You’re…right.” He paused, looking down now. “I’m sorry. I’ve kind of been pushing you, haven’t I?” More than just that. A complete opposition really, but oh well. “It’s just…I’m trying to dissuade you from doing anything stupid. You’ve gone through so much, only to reach this point. I’d just hate it if anything worse happened to you.”

Lastien then looked at her. An anxious, almost nervous expression was showing now. “You see…I found something out recently that changes everything. Something really important that we haven’t been able to find out for so long.” That was a really big hint there, but he was going to spell it out for her anyways. He spoke somewhat softly now. “Our soul gems…I found out what happens when they turn completely dark.”

Lastien had been acting strange lately, that she definitely noticed. She wanted to believe it really was just his time at home being hectic lately, but something in the back of her mind was screaming that she was wrong. Somebody with a blade... His behavior being slightly off... It wasn't much to go on, but still, it was scary that it was even a consideration.

In fact, she was about to bring it up until he spoke again, that she was right and he didn't want her to go through anymore pain... She actually felt a little... Touched? Maybe it was that, but nonetheless she gave him a soft smile and nodded. "It's okay... I'm sorry too, I know I've done kind of... Stupid things before."

She was about to give a longer speech about various things in relation to the last part of that sentence, until he said that thing about the soul gems...

He knew? Oh god he knew what happened!? Daiki was now eager to find out more than anything, but at the same time it made her a little scared. What if it was worse than she thought? There was the possibility that she was right about people just dying and all, but... Still.

"What... You do?" She asked, still in a stage of shock, "...what happens?"

Oh please. If Daiki brought up about how his behavior was so off, he could just use the soul gem excuse. That it had been because of this very information that she was giving her that he had been so different lately. Surely it would make sense once she started to think about it.

Lastien started off slow. He had to build his way up with how the whole thing worked out or else she just might not believe him. “Just know that what I have to say is completely true…alright? It might be hard to believe, but I know all of this for a fact.” He had that sincere voice of his going. That serious voice he had used when he had told Daiki about the smaller facts about the soul gem. Now it was time for the big news. “I happened to run into a magi whose soul gem was -really- dark at the time. They were like you and every other depressed person I’ve run into that could have possibly been hiding a dark soul gem at the time. This magi didn’t have any grief seeds or nothing…no strength to go and fight a witch either. I didn’t either when I had found them. As a last request, they wanted me to stick around to see what happened once our gems turned completely black. Just in case it really would kill them.”

He exhaled a long breath before continuing. This would be long. “So I stood there and watched. As soon as the gem turned black, the magi started to act weird. They were muttering to themselves and I had to shake them to bring them back to their senses. I finally got them to talk, but they wouldn’t concentrate on me fully. What they told me…was that they heard voices. They heard the voices of the many other magi who have died and they would all tell that magi the same thing. Apparently…once you die or your soul gem breaks, we don’t completely die. Our souls transfer to some other place… Some place that only the incubators seem to know about.”

Lastien now held out his hand to take Daiki’s again. “Apparently…those of us who don’t die or have our gems crushed and allow our gems to turn black…we learn where those other souls are being held. The gems are really filling up with the knowledge we need to go and seek out our missing friends. They could be alive for all we know. The incubators just tell us to fight and to keep on ‘cleansing’ so that we never learn.”

Honestly she didn't know anymore about... Almost anything. She hadn't gone insane yet or anything like that, but things were still all messed up around her and although she got a few things together... It was all still a mess, but then again it always was.

She stared at him as he explained, and took in every detail.

...That's what happened?

For some reason, she... Didn't fully believe it, but maybe that was just from shock? A mixture of shock and her suspicions kept her silenced for what seemed like forever, trying- almost FORCING things to simply sink in. Lastien told her just now that when our gems turn black we... Hear... Voices?

The blonde thought that was horrible, but at the same time she was somewhat relieved. Perhaps it was from the last thing he mentioned about the magi not actually being dead, or our souls going someplace only incubators knew about. Should she be scared or happy?

She was happy that if her gem turned black she could contact all her friends again and be with them, but the other part was terrified on the fact that... What if he or that magi was wrong? What if it was all a trick somehow? What if that place he said they went to had nobody, it was just one soul completely alone... Forever...

Then of course, that voice in the back of her own mind that said 'he is lying' also gave her mixed feelings on the whole thing, but after reminding herself that he gave her so much advice to go by in the past she couldn't bring herself to not believe him. But how... How did he get all of that anyway? The magi started acting weird, and said they heard voices. Where did he get all that 'place that nobody else can reach' information from? Again, it could be a trick if the magi told him that.

But like Lastien said, they weren't completely focused, for all she or he knew that magi was just driven to insanity.

Plus, the only way a magi could die is from their gem turning black or having it get shattered, so no matter what, if she died she would either go to Heaven or go to that place that he told her about. There's no stopping it and that's the hard truth.

Instead she looked down at the floor... And said nothing.

Lastien waited for all of the information to sink in for Daiki. He wanted her to think letting her soul gem go dark was a good idea and that if she wanted to see her friends again, she had to let it happen. He had tried to make it sound like all of those friends of hers were still alive somewhere…would she even take it that way? He could only hope it was as simple as telling her a fake story that he came up with in mere minutes while they had spoken.

And yet as he waited for any kind of response from her, Daiki had gone silent. Completely silent and not saying a word. What was going on in her head? Was she taking the news good? Bad? This was slowly becoming frustrating the longer they sat in silence. ONE of them had to speak, so Lastien supposed he needed to add on a bit more. “…Do you see now Daiki? If we let our gems turn dark at this moment, we would be able to go find our friends, wherever they might be. I’m assuming it’s something we will figure out as soon as they go completely black…some kind of earned knowledge.” All he wanted at this moment was for Daiki to want to do that. Right now. Just despair already. It all depended on what she had next to say, if things would become violent or not.

In a way, with the new information, letting her soul gem go dark did seem like a good idea and letting herself die, but actually in the end, it didn't really change much about her main goals and motives. The same effect will happen if she broke her gem too, right? Lastien said that earlier. In the end she dies and her soul goes somewhere else that only incubators know about. Like mentioned, there was the risk that this story was wrong and she'd rather not risk what happened and if she let her gem turn black something even worse than death could happen. But now he's saying it'll happen /only/ if they go dark?


She was confused, but no, Daiki wasn't about to despair right now, OHHH hell no. She still had to make herself somewhat useful before she died or... Went to some magi limbo. "I understand." She finally responded, and then hopped off the bed. "Thank you for telling me..."

It was tempting. To let her soul gem turn black and join her friends. But how can she face them when she had previously been so useless? That's what she told herself when she met Aaron, and that's what she's telling herself now right here with Lastien. In the end... She would go to Heaven, whether or not this story was true, when she died she believed she would join her friends. And if that required turning her gem black, then that would decided after she proved to be a hero and fight. Keep her gem purified and keep herself alive until then...

This was all just too confusing, and she HAD to get this sorted out soon or something bad would happen, most definitely. The girl gave him a small smile. "I think... I should go now..." Unless Lastien wanted her to stay longer, of course.

Well shit. After trying to depress Daiki by dissuading her from going after the evil group (which failed) and then trying to get her into believing that it would be best to let herself despair right now (which has also just failed), he could just feel frustration building up inside. How hard was it to get someone to despair without making yourself suspicious? Lastien had plenty of other things he could throw at Daiki, a ton of hurtful insults about what has happened because of her, but then she would definitely know. She was already suspicious enough. Anything else and she might call him out on his shit. Fuuuuck.

Lastien’s eyes fell on that soul gem of Daiki’s for a brief moment. A necklace similar to his amulet. One of the similarities he knew he shared with Daiki was the location of their soul gem. Although he was much safer with his…tucked away and hidden beneath his shirt. “Could you…stay a little longer? I won’t keep you that long, I promise.” He sighed and just kind of sat back more on the bed, thinking of what to say next while he waited for Daiki to sit down again.

For someone who had been depressed lately it seemed pretty tough to make her even more so, which was kind of weird... But then again, Lastien should've made up his mind sooner on what to do with her and make her despair before she made up her mind. Daiki may be easily persuaded and influenced when broken, but that was only if she wasn't absolutely determined about something. It was both a good and a bad thing, it made her less likely to be shoved around and lied to, but it could lead to unbearable stubborness as well.

But, then again, Daiki didn't get that stubborn often. Or... Did she? It really wasn't known completely when it came to someone like her. But... It was true, if Lastien kept throwing more insults at her it really would make her suspicion worse, and she didn't want that but at the same time she wanted- NEEDED answers someday. Hopefully soon, hopefully before she was dead.

It was a brief moment, but for once the blonde noticed something he did, and that was glance at her soul gem. For some reason... That made her slightly more uncomfortable. Why... Was she feeling so uncomfortable around him all of a sudden? It didn't make sense! But yet, it made a lot of sense at the same time? Uggh, now she was confused even more! Daiki usually tucked her soul gem under clothes, especially at school, but she had felt okay with letting it out around him.

Suddenly, she felt it was a bad thing, and she did NOT that simple fact. He was just... Acting a bit off, what Aaron told him, some of the information he knows, and other things it all just seemed slightly off, and with the things that had been happening lately it upsetted her more than it probably usually would have before.

Weird... Who knew you could trust someone and be so suspicious about them all at the same time. But ever since the group was brought into the picture, and the hints that had dropped on her, that trust she felt previously toward everyone had drained away by a lot. It was actually pretty noticable at times. She perked up and nodded. "Okay..."

The blonde stood by the doorway, a distance away from Lastien who was still sitting on the bed, but this actually wasn't on purpose.

Jeez…he had really screwed up. If only he had caught her when she was still depressed with no hope left. It would have been so easy to just let her despair after all of her friends had died and just didn’t offer the whole relationship thing. And yet here they were, weeks later, with Daiki suddenly filled with some kind of hope. If Lastien ever found out it was because of Aaron, he’d really have to find that guy soon and stab him repeatedly. As many times as he possibly could because that guy seemed to be popping up a lot in conversations lately and being an overall nuisance.

There was no use blaming himself for what he didn’t do in the past though. He had to consider what was happening right now…at this very moment. And right now they were still all alone in a closed off room. The annoying part is that Lastien can tell Daiki is uncomfortable about this whole situation. He could tell she was very suspicious and he really wasn’t sure how she had come to act like that. Why…?

Lastien finally decided to be bold. This annoyance needed to end and he had his own questions now. After considering the thoughts going on in his head for a moment, he finally stood, walking over to Daiki. “I just really need to know…but why have you been looking at me so weirdly lately? You keep looking at me as if I’ve done something.” He accused her, his expression looking seemingly hurt by the way Daiki has been treating him this whole time. So far now, he was acting the role of the curious boyfriend that was wondering what was going on with his girlfriend. “You can tell me anything you know.”

Ahhh... But Lastien wouldn't be finding out anytime soon. She promised the raven-haired teen she wouldn't tell a soul about his existence. He told her useful information, it only if he betrayed her and turned out to be no worse than anyone in that god-awful league to murder other magi would she 'spill the beans', making the boy's fate a lot worse than it already was. Not that she knew that, though.

When Lastien stood up and began to make his way over to her, accusing her of looking at him weird, she backed up a bit. Well, this was only adding to her discomfort, but he wasn't wrong. She /was/ acting weird herself lately, but only because he had been acting weird.

"I... I'm sorry, I know I've been acting weird lately, it's just..." She looked him in the eyes as she spoke. "You yourself... Have been acting a bit off lately, and it's just making me worry." That wasn't a lie, while part of her feared that he was the bad guy, another part of her really hoped he was okay. Why were there so many conflicting feelings toward him?

...Should she mention what she found out from Aaron? About her fear of him being involved with the murders of Roni and Vincent?

As soon as Daiki backed away a little, Lastien resisted the urge to laugh. She was scared of him. She was obviously scared of him because she knew something and was not telling him. He could only guess that it had to do with his ties to the evil team…but how much did she actually know? Not enough to keep her from walking into his home all alone, that was for damn sure. Perhaps she had seen those rotted bodies and had grown suspicious after all this time because of the wounds to Roni…those wounds that he inflicted because he had really wanted to make his mark. Lastien had come to loathe that girl so much, there was no way he could let her off with looking too beautiful while in death. And the fact he had gone into some kind of rage mode at the time and just completely sliced and diced any piece of skin he laid his eyes on.

Lastien decided to humor Daiki and let her explain herself. He had been acting off lately? Sure, there was that one time at the café where he was having terrible flashbacks, but it had been just that. Awkward flashbacks that happened as if to make him feel bad for a certain girl’s death, which he doesn’t. He could care less about that life that was long gone, even if the memories were slowly creeping back up on him and haunting him. “Like what? What has been so off about me?”

What /had/ been so off about him? That was just it, she didn't really know any particular times where he had been acting openkly strange or anything. "Well, you just haven't been acting... Your usual self? I mean, you have, but you haven't? I don't know, something just seemed a little weird."

Maybe it was just what Aaron told her. Has Daiki developed trust issues? It sure seemed that way. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to look at you in any way to make you feel uncomfortable, it's just I was a little worried, I guess. With the group running around it hasn't really been making it any better." She really, really wanted to just ask him about Roni's dead body, those wounds... Really, when she thought about it, it looked like only someone with a sword or dagger could do that, and it had to be someone who had been around for a bit. So many questions unanswered...

She turned so her back was facing him, he really was intimidating her, but she didn't take anymore steps away from him. "But, about the story you told me... Are you sure that's true?" She looked down a bit. "I mean, you know how those cat things are, they hide things from us. Yeah, the magi was acting weird and heard voices, but are you sure it wasn't just an illusion? That magi could've been insane, or driven to it from their gem being tainted."

That...explained absolutely nothing. She was basically saying he was weird for no reason whatsoever and just blaming it on the evil group for her behavior. Yeah, okay. That made a ton of sense. Lastien just listened and then sighed. At this point, he could only figure she was hiding shit from him and she wouldn’t tell him the true cause of her…weird acting towards him. He could only assume at this moment.

Damn though, why did she have to turn around? Was Daiki so disgusted with him, for whatever reason, that she couldn’t LOOK at him? It only put a damper on his mood with him half-tempted to grab her shoulders and turn her towards him. What she was doing was just plain rude. Really, if she wanted to make a point, she would have mentioned something about those dumb dead bodies by now.

“I’m positive. There were no incubators in the area. Besides, those incubators don’t intervene with anyone. The most they’d do is watch from somewhere, but that’s about it. That magi…they sounded so sure of themselves and even described to me where all of those souls were held, not that I could really find it on description alone…But apparently the magi knew since you’re given a clear imagine once your soul gem has gone completely black.” Lastien held out a hand now, resting his hand on her shoulder to try and get her to face him. “I know what I saw.”


Daiki sighed and turned back to him with a sad look. This was all so screwed up, really. The blonde didn't want to worry about it all anymore, or care about anything. But unfortunately, she did... She always did.

Lastien did make a good point, she supposed, and he hadn't ever proved to be wrong about anything in the past from what she saw, so... She should believe him, and she did.

"I'm... Sorry..." She mumbled again. Daiki really was, honestly, everything had threw her off so much. "It's just... I just worry sometimes that when I'm walking through school, or just walking around everyday in town, there could be another magi, maybe someone from that group right next to me. I've just kind of... Been acting weird because of that." So much that she couldn't help but be horribly suspicious of anyone with a sharp object as a weapon... Even her own boyfriend. But honestly, she acted weird in general now, it wasn't the most personal thing in the world.

She should still... Tell him the truth, though.

"...It's mostly Roni's body, though. All those marks couldn't have been a blunt weapon, it had to have been from a sword or dagger." She looked at him. "I only know a few magi around with that kind of weapon and that have been around long enough, and one them is you." Plus Lastien knew Roni too, right? That's what she got from what she saw before. Daiki let out a shaky breath, "and I hate being suspicious of you for that, I don't like believing you would do something like that..."

The blonde really wanted to slap herself, she was being so dumb about this, and there could really be anyone out there that could've done it. "But honestly, I've been acting weird and suspicious about everyone lately, so it isn't just you..." Ugh, this is why she wanted to leave. Now she was stuck here looking like a complete moron. "I haven't exactly been able to make sense of anything lately. I'm really stupid."

What was this? Was Lastien starting to feel a little terrible for his actions or how he felt about Daiki? Because for one moment, he felt a pang of hurt for Daiki. She had dealt with a lot of deaths, just like he had. They had both lost their most important friends. If he had been in Daiki’s shoes and not with the evil team, would he not have been feeling the same way as her? Lastien could imagine himself being more suspicious of everyone around him, just like Daiki. Suspicious, alert, worried…everything she felt. And yet, Lastien could not let himself feel this way and feel bad for her. He had already dug his hole deep with no way out of what he got himself involved in. And with what Daiki had to say next…Lastien furthered his resolve of what he needed to do.

“So you’ve been thinking that I am the culprit.” That in itself was dangerous. Though Daiki had no way to prove that he was the one who murdered Roni, there was always a chance she may share what she thinks with someone else. That she may share this with someone who might be smart enough to figure out that it was him. Lastien needed to end this, despite his conflicted feelings at the moment. “It is smart though. When you have clues and proof, it helps you narrow down who did it. It’s only right that you feel suspicious around those who fit a certain description.” Lastien was very close to Daiki, he knew this. The moment Daiki had turned to him, he could feel himself getting antsy. “I wouldn’t say you’re stupid…”

And then Lastien struck. His arm reached out for Daiki’s soul gem necklace quickly, as if he were jabbing at her with his sword. His hand grabbed ahold of that small gem and her necklace, yanking hard until the piece that held together the necklace snapped open. It was all his now. Lastien had pulled away and kept hold of that necklace in his hand, now getting back from Daiki before she had a chance to strike back for her gem. “More like an idiot for trusting me.”
MH - Lastien/Daiki - The Truth (P1)
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Part one of a very, very emotional RP log.

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