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Daiki thought it was horrible, too. Funny as well. It was many things, actually. Funny, horrible, frustrating, depressing, shocking, gentle, brutal... And so on, the list was too big for her to remember everything.
But with everything that had happened, the way her life would end is what really brought anger, and it simply that she died from either being a little sad one day or accidentally dropping her gem. Or suicide of course. At the same time, though, she was already dead, or at least the girl she was at the beginning was.
'I hope we can all be friends together'
As far as she knew, that girl had died the day Daivor entered the labyrinth. Crushed brutally... Everyone shocked. That shock was what she felt both when the event happened and when she came to realize how her fate truly was before crying herself to sleep. Again.
And again, it was kind of funny how much of blur it was. The blonde could laugh now for a few seconds before crying, and that would be awkward, so she stayed silent. Her mind was fragile, doing one little thing could make it break down with her heart for maybe the hundreth time since she made a contract.
She really had separated from her past self, and the other girl was dead... Murdered. Murdered by witches, by that evil group, by Inky. By fate itself. If not that, then she was trapped somewhere.
In fact, the blonde was that 'somewhere' was Heaven.
Daiki hadn't said anything in response. She didn't exactly know how to, but inside she was screaming in agreement.
Daiki figured it was safe to spill out a couple inner thoughts. If he really was like her, and had been around long enough, he should understand. A little, at least. Plus, it wasn't like she was giving more person information. "I just... Wanted to save people. Not any of this..."
Maybe she was the one who needed to be saved.
Daiki looked at him. "Sorry... I don't mean to make you awkward or anything." The blonde quickly looked back down at her feet. "I'm just... Having problems. I really want that group to go away."

Maybe in that regard, Aaron could felt himself a bit luckier than the other Magi. The price of a life was steep. Carrying not only your fate, but the fate of you family and friends along with you was just terrible; he had no family anymore to worry with, no friend, nothing that would cry for him if he just dropped dead on the very next day. He would go as he wished: as a ghost. Just another death, just another pair of eyes closing forever; nothing would change. But for people like Daiki Masaru, dying would bring just so much grief. To a mother who would blame herself for not being attentive enough, to a father who would weep over the loss of a child, to brothers or sisters who would never get to see their relatives again. To friend who would have an empty desk at their classroom...
Just about how many desks, dinner tables, beds were empty by that time?
Wasn't that just sad?
And meanwhile, weren't those murderers just enjoying their sweet lives, laughing at their pain and having everything for themselves? Weren't they taught that justice would win in the end? Does that seemed like winning? Like justice? What even was wrong and what was a lie? Destiny was just as much of a human creation as God himself - and in the end, they were nothing, and no one would help them, and nothing would smile at them? Those were thoughts that crossed Aaron's mind a lot lately, and he felt like sinking on a dark, dark ocean.
He wasn't bothered that she was talking like that to him. Not at all: if he could be of some help, he would just hear her words, nod at her tears.
He was far too empty to cry, but that girl... Those kids... Maybe they still had what to live for.
He wanted to believe that, at least.
"That is hope." He whispers, and it felt so dirty to tell her that. Hope felt dirty and treacherous. He wanted to kill the thing who even let him do that contract, but still was so grateful to it for that very reason.
"Don't worry, we are here for long enough to understand that," the boy nods again, and looks at the city. So many lights, and yet, they were feeling so dark there. So cold. "Daiki, right? You have your heart on the right place. And that's why you suffer. We want justice, we want them to stop... But justice won't come to save us; maybe justice doesn't even exist. We must be the ones to raise ourselves against this and make it stop. But talking is so easy. So easy. In the end, we're still here, hiding like dirty rats."

If Daiki had friends and family to go to, most of them were gone now. She still had her mom and dad, she still had her dog, she still had Lastien and Arisa, but that was it. Maybe she should be thankful, maybe Aaron didn't have anything? Still, it was painful to have so many people by your side and just watch as they were all killed off one by one.
She also noticed the empty seats at school, all the people that had gone 'missing' and how many teachers and regular, human students talked about this town being cursed.
It really was, to be honest.
Sometimes, she wanted to just lay back and let herself drift off in the ocean, and let herself be brought somewhere else. Get away from this bloodstained town.
Daiki knew that simply killing herself off would also cause grief to the people still around, and with that added on to the whole my-dead-friends-want-me-to-live thing, she just couldn't do it until she did something, /something/ productive or heroic, even if it was small. Until she had absolutely no purpose left, or not a good enough reason to stay.
All because those witches and that group of murderers got some sick enjoyment out of ending lives while they sat back and laughed. That's why the blonde wanted to fight against them so much, to show them that it isn't right, and that maybe... They deserved the same treatment.
Or was that too brutal?
Why was it so hard to have everyone just be happy and friendly together? Why did it have to be like this? Those were her most frequent thoughts as she sat alone in her bedroom. She didn't have any siblings to relate to, she had two cousins, but they were both babies who lived far away.
"Why do we have to lose hope?" She asked him. "Having something good handed to us, and then ripped away like /we/ did something wrong?" It was horrible, trying to hard to do something good, and then backstabbed and treated like you were the one who betrayed everyone.
"Like... Rats?" She pondered this. "We shouldn't hide anymore, then. We should... Do something. If justice won't come to us, then we'll be the ones to find it. Prove that it does exist." Daiki looked back up at him. "Funny how we just met and we're already talking like we've known each other for a while..."
Did this mean they were on good terms, then?
Maybe they could even become allies. Who knew anymore, enough had happened that it didn't seem strange for two strangers to become quick friends.
No... Don't get your hopes up. There was very little room for that kind of term anymore.

For a Magi, who knew the truth, the way those normal people whispered about curses and disappearances could be either painful hilarious or bitterly terrible. He thought it was the second: so many families were torn, were falling apart because of that. So many friends were crying, so many boyfriends and girlfriends would carry a scar for life because of the acts of some twisted villains. It was so cartoonish to think of them as villains, but Aaron didn't really had another word in mind.
He could understand her desire, if she voiced it, of going with a bang, though. He... Did wanted to go doing something heroic too. Or at least, doing something selfishly good. That would bring him some comfort. He wanted... He wanted so many things. But he knew that it was impossible now, and he couldn't let himself die, and that only meant he would had to keep living like trash. Like some forgotten human, like a phantom.
That was what they were, after all.
A phantom of their past lives.
A shell, pale imitation of teenagers.
It was sick.
The raven-haired boy wasn't naive anymore, and didn't really wanted people getting happy, a good ending for everyone. He just wanted that do end. It was modest enough; if that terrible killing could be stoped, then the things would find their own way. Bu he could only hope, for he was just one guy, and those evil forces were too many. It was like the power corrupted all of them, and he could only observe from afar.
Was that girl like that too?
"Right?", he gave to her a tiny, almost not visible smile. He found her incredibly naive, but respected her for that aura of a seasoned human - or rather, a broken child that saw too much already. "But we are just two, and they are so many. They could be plotting to take us down right now. We could only have a chance if... We were a group. If more people could see what they were, and had the courage to step aside to fight against it."
But no one would be dumb enough.
Bravery was a rarity there.
"We can only be rats."

Yes, there were so many torn, ripped up memories due to selfish and cruel desires, by the evil magi and witches that licked their lips at the thought of bashing someone's skull in and giving them messy deaths. People like that... Shouldn't be allowed to exist.
They shouldn't be here.
People who were so happy with taking other lives... Don't deserve to own one themselves. Or maybe that too was always cruel and selfish of her to think or say. Daiki couldn't help it at this point, vicious thoughts were beginning to spill out from the far, far back of her mind, the darkest point. Her sanity was slowly beginning to crack and it wasn't good.
She wanted to laugh.
She wanted to cry.
She wanted to do... So many things. Not all of them were good.
In fact, for a split second, a small laugh escaped her lips before frowning again, whoops. "It really is too late for things to be happy rainbows again."
Daiki wanted her old life back, that's all she wanted. The blonde wanted to revive the girl that died inside, but that would be a miracle, just like her wish was. Her father shouldn't have lived that day, he shouldn't have been cured of that illness, but her wish granted a miracle.
Unfortunately, Daiki had no more chances to bring things back, and could only cry at the long lost memories that she still held dear to her. Aaron was right, the girl was broken from seeing too much.
When the dark-haired teen spoke again...
She came up with an idea.
"That's not true." the blonde responded. "Maybe we can't bring everything back... But I'm going to try to fulfill some kind of purpose. I'm going to do something heroic, even if I die." She didn't even care if she died anymore, Daiki just needed something... Something.
"A rat does nothing, right? We don't have to do nothing, we can at the very least try. This world isn't able to be saved, that's true, but we have to get something out of it before we pass on."
She looked at him.
"I'm sure some people can see what they are. Not everyone, but some." Daiki smiled a little bit. The girl would never be like them, she would never grin at the idea of death. "We have to try... At least once, we have to try, even if we're tired. I couldn't forgive myself if I died not even putting an effort in." The blonde looked away. "I know I sound naive and stupid, but I don't care. If you don't think the same way, that's fine, but... I'm not a rat, Aaron." She smiled again, "and I'm sure you aren't, either. We're more than that."

Aaron felt something warm creeping all the way to his heart, like a worm. It was hope. Hearing that girl talking like that was like a sparkling light on that cold, dark ocean he had been thrown in. He looked at her, if not with admiration, at least with a newfound respect. He still thought Daiki Masaru was naive and dreamy, way too much to be a healthy thing, but still felt admiration for her wish of doing the best for that city.
He couldn't say the same. He just wanted to prevent his own death. He was saddened by what was happening, and did wanted punishment upon those horrible people, but wouldn't do that himself.
And that very detail was what made him and that blonde so different.
"You are talking like a true harbinger of hope, miss," he found that title so stupid and so laughable, but it fitted. She was like a messiah, talking about hopes and about fighting. But by that time, would someone that could oppose them was alive? She would die soon, if she kept talking about that. And such a girl who lived so much already couldn't die. It would be a waste. "We had a Veteran like that once. He talked just like you. Vincent Blanchett was his name."
That guy was now a memory.
And before that, a rotting corpse on that warehouse.
Aaron really thought that maybe, just maybe, that girl could become a corpse like them if she wasn't careful with her words and her wish. That evil was far too great to be defeated by just a dreamy girl.
"I think... If things were different, we could had gathered enough people to face them. That Veteran would had helped us."

Perhaps that was her true wish. Yes, she wanted her father to live of course, but in the end, her true purpose to become a magical girl was to be a hero. To make up for not being able to save someone important to her, too. Akio... Daiki wouldn't let him down and let herself die out with nothing but despair. Yes, she knew that she would die eventually, but then again, everyone did at some point in their life. But dammit, no matter how much Daiki wanted to simply disappear from these nightmares, and no matter how much she wanted to just jump off this cliff and see her friends, there was no way that was going to happen without something that was... Worth at least a little bit.
Daiki was going to be a hero. She would do it somehow in some way, even if she wasn't that cool looking hero that lived on for ages, fighting for justice, getting rid of the bad guys... Daiki Masaru wasn't going down without a fight. She would stay and prove her worth at least once. Then, at least then she could tell her friends in Heaven that she tried.
But, how would she face that group of evil?
"...I just, don't want to go down with nothing to back me up. I don't want to become the villain or be that person that simply gave up when things got tough. Even if I die soon in the process, or end up in that warehouse like... Them... I'm going to at least try. That really is all I want anymore, to do at least one thing heroic."
Yes, there was that old saying, you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. Death was imminent, sooo... Daiki was going to die a hero. She didn't care anymore, she really, really didn't. Of course, it'd be nice to defeat the evil group and come out alive, but you can't really depend on that anymore.
"I... Know of Vincent." The blonde replied grimly. She may be determined, but remembering the bodies still struck fear into her. Then again, who wouldn't feel upset about stuff like that? The fact that it had to happen that way was horrible, and it brought up natural thoughts of 'why did things have to be like this'.
Vincent was still a role model to her, even if he was dead. He was like her once, too. He wanted everyone to fight together...
Did Vincent feel as depressed as she did at one point, too? Feeling hopeless... Seeing so much... Daiki really did admire that man. He was resting in peace now. With everyone.
"I know he would've helped us... But..." She choked a bit on her words, shaking her head. "He's gone now. But that doesn't mean this is over. We can't just give up. If we give up hope, we also give up any chance of anything getting better, even just a little bit." Daiki stood up from the bench and looked at Aaron.
"I'm sorry... I'm being a little awkward, aren't I?" She rubbed the back of her neck nervously, chuckling a bit. "I don't mean to get so... Philosophical or anything." She lowered her hand. "But... You seem like a good person. Does this mean we're... Allies at least?"

He looks at her, both with admiration and surprise on his amber eyes.
"No." Shaking his head, Aaron even feels that impulse of smiling. Was a happy smile? Was a sad one? He couldn't tell. But he missed those feeling that made him want to do that. "Not at all. You're not awkward, miss Masaru."
If someone told him that today he would help - even if just a bit - a girl to find a purpose on her life, he would had just laughed at that person. A phantom like Aaron Galvin could help no one. He was just something forgotten that tried to find his place somewhere, just to be reminded that he had no place anymore. But right there, listening to her rambling, that naive and silly way of talking, as if she was truly going to live to face that evil, he felt... Good. He felt as if he did something of worth.
At the beginning, he too had those thoughts of dying making the good, but now he had lived too much and while not a villain, he wasn't also a hero. He was just a mass of nothingness.
"And don't worry. I understand." And the blonde didn't seemed like the depressing thing he saw at first. She had a light on her eyes now. It was amazing to see that, he thought. "So I suppose I should warn you that they are hunting the strongest and the long-living ones, since these are the people that could pose a threat to their plans. And they have a healer. And they are 'they' - meaning, it is much more than one. At least three. Maybe four or more. I can tell with certainty that both Abhaya Aghnashini and William Hudson are involved on this. She is petite and wears a red outfit, with a big mace as a weapon, It's a blunt weapon and it killed the veteran Vincent. Hudson is tall and ginger, with green eyes; he is probably her protector, I think, so you should think about taking him down first. He's awfully fake, don't trust on his words."
And that was him selling out his best friend to death?
...Yes, that was him selling out his best friend to death. That William wasn't the William Hudson he knew - and Aaron wouldn't feel pity for him just because he was wearing the face of the ginger.
That girl was just one, but he felt hope. For the first time, just for a bit, he felt hope.
"Of course, I would advise you to keep your mouth shut. Don't mention my name at all to anyone. I mean it; not even to your boyfriend, if you have one, or your best friend, or your future allies." He even puts his finger on his mouth, as if reminding her of the importance of that. "If you do that, I can keep myself alive more and I can provide more information in the future, hopefully. I am, after all, a ghost."
(Did that meant he would help her?)
(Were they allies?)
(He didn't knew. But he wanted to help... If she really was about facing them, he wanted to help that.)
"...You should, though, find some allies. People to fight by your side." He looks at the sky while saying that. "Although, don't go trusting just about anyone. I know it's weird coming from me, but really. Keep this close to your heart. This is but a dangerous time, and one word can get you killed in the act."

"Oh, that's good." Daiki replied. Oh Aaron, if only she could read your thoughts. The blonde would give an even larger speech about how he can be more than that, how he wasn't nothing. But... Was there a light in her eyes again? How was that possible? But it was true, there was a small gleam there. Who knew all it took was a few words with someone she just met. Time really does heal wounds.
But that light wasn't the same as the one from before, it wasn't the old girl that had died. It was a new girl, a new her that was slowly getting rid of her current, depressed self. Needless to say, she was still broken enough to not enjoy living like she did before, but now...
Daiki finally found a true purpose to fulfill while she was still alive, and it was to at least try to face them, try to do something heroic, like she originally intended. Maybe this new girl inside her can find the old one. One day.
But that girl before this, the one that wanted to jump off this cliff and crush her gem on the way down, that girl had existed. Aaron wasn't wrong about her, she was just trying to recover before facing /them/.
The girl listened closely to what he was saying, the part about hunting the longest-living and strongest ones, the number of people in the group, having a protector of some sort, the description on Abhaya Aghanashini...
Aghanashini. She would remember that too. Her full name.
Willaim? Tall, ginger, green eyes... It couldn't be.
"W... William?" Daiki asked, shocked at this. He was a magi too? In the evil group, too!? No, that... That couldn't be.
Was that really all he was? A fake? Could she really believe this? "William... Is one of them?"
To be honest, Daiki really shouldn't be trusting all this information Aaron was giving her, even though they became quick allies and seemed to trust each other, they met moments ago. But, for some reason, she felt like... He wouldn't lie to her. Besides, this information was better than nothing at all.
Daiki nodded at his requests. "I won't tell anyone." Heh, boyfriend. She certainly had one.
/Little did she know./
"I'll remember that, too." Allies. Find allies, people to fight with... That was already in her plans. "But promise me that... You won't lie to me." It was the best she could do right now.

His eyes are locked on hers, and he looks as if he was just scanning through her very soul. The boy always had a penetrating gaze, and it became even worse since he became a Magi. After all, he HAD to know when people were lying.
And right now, he did felt as if Daiki was caressing that name in the most interesting of the ways.
"You know him." It wasn't a question.
He... Had to guess if that girl wasn't a student of Bellingham. It seemed like that. That was the only explanation he could find for her to know him.
"Well, that makes things easier. Be careful from now on, he can tell her about you if you do something wrong and this will get you killed."
As he was telling her that - probably in a way one worried big brother would advise his younger sister, although that girl, if he could know, was more of a Veteran than him -, the boy was also thinking. He wasn't as hopeful as her, even if her positiveness touched him in a sense.
He would had to be very careful from now on, though.
Leaving William alive meant that the evil group was probably aware about the existence of an invisible guy. He would also have to be careful to not let this poor girl to get caught because of him.
"...Good. I am counting on you to not tell a soul about our meeting or my existence."
It was for her own good as well, not only for him.
But as he looked down to that cursed city, a thought came to his mind.
"...This is just a thought, but." Aaron sighs. Damn. Should he tell her? Wouldn't that make her know too much to be safe? "I do believe that the person who killed the other corpse, Veronica, that idol... Is someone who owns a sword, a knife, anything with a sharp blade." Well, he would have to bet, and hope that she would be stronger than that. "Those cuts? They are not from a blunt weapon. A mace couldn't do that. She was murdered by a blade. Keep that on mind when you find someone with such weapon. They may be working for Abhaya."
Little they knew the murderer was so close.
(And William was out of question. He wasn't a Magi when that happened.)
"And don't worry, I'm not lying. It was already dangerous enough to appear to you, miss Masaru," he nods, but his face wasn't on of seriousness, at least. "I can only hope you'll keep yourself alive for a bit more. You seem promising."

Yes, the girl knew about... /Willy/. How could he side with them? He seemed so nice, he just didn't seem like someone who could agree with people who bashed in innocent people who did nothing without feeling even a little upset? There had to be more to that, but then again she... Only ever met him once, and the word 'fake' echoed through her head, and always would when she thought about the man now.
Hudson... Aghanashini... Yes, the blonde was caressing those two names as Aaron could already tell.
"I... Know him." She repeated. "I'll definitely be careful around him. And  won't mention you to anyone, at least not without your consent first."
Someone with a sharp blade... The only people she saw with those types of weapons were Mayu, Rika, and... Lastien...
Rika couldn't had done that, she was way too nice and cheery, Daiki just didn't see that kind of crime coming from such a girl. But... You never knew. That blonde girl could be a suspect, though. She had /two/ daggers, in fact, and she wasn't as cheery as Rika, but Daiki didn't really know her too well to be sure. Still.
Lastien, he... No, she refused to believe that he would do something like that. He couldn't! Wasn't he friends with Roni, too? There's no way... But then her thoughts drifted back to when they were in her bedroom, after that bee witch fight, and he acted a little... Unusual. In fact, she noticed he was acting a little strange lately, like on their date the other day. Lastien looked really uncomfortable for a second and insisted that it was nothing, but she knew he wasn't okay.
But... No... He... He couldn't have.
"I'll... Remember that." She finally said. The murderer really was too close. "Oh, that's good to hear..." Daiki said, relieved a bit. Promising? That made her feel warm and fuzzy inside. "I'll definitely try to stay alive a little longer at least."

'I'll remember that.'
And like a spell which was broken, he woke up from that sweet dream.
Because that was what was happening: just a sweet dream made of hopes and a girl with bright hair. Aaron knew better than that, dreams were just dreams, ashes were just ashes. He couldn't believe on her that easily, and gave to her far too much already. (Although he wanted to believe, deep inside, that she would be able to survive a little longer. Ashes were just ashes, though.)
He stands up without a warning, and was so sure that it probably had startled her.
"I need to go," he says, and he truly had to. He couldn't stay much longer on a same place, especially one with a Magi. He was a Phantom now, a true phantom now that he wasn't working on the Café. "I hope you can keep yourself alive then. And I hope that there are people out there who will listen to your words."
He really hoped that the good seeds weren't all dead by that moment.
"Maybe we'll meet again, if the odds are on our favor."
(But they weren't.)
(They never were.)
He wasn't naive to believe that the girl would definitely make it, although he wanted to believe she would. He told her too much and sometimes, this is what kills people. But he hoped that she would be smarter than that and would use said knowledge to keep herself alive.
But not everyone is lucky enough to be a Phantom, a shame.
"Well, miss Masaru," Aaron takes his backpack and looks at her a last time. He would have to go if he wanted to be invisible to her again. "Until we meet again. I hope you can find peace of mind here... I mean, at least, the sight is lovely."
...And he wanted, looking at her brown eyes, to say just one thing.
One more thing, as if he could avoid that destiny by saying that.
(Was he tired of seeing people dying?)
"Oh yeah, don't stay too long here." The tall boy shakes his head. "It's really dangerous to stay outside. Bye."

She was filled with too much hope. Daiki Masaru was still just too naive. But she also knew that she would die, and somehow could still say that things can turn out okay.
Was that even possible...? Well, if it wasn't before, she was definitely proving otherwise. Right now, no matter what happened, it truly seemed that nothing would change her mind. You can never be completely sure, though.
Hopefully... Those hopes wouldn't crash and burn as she was killed off like everyone else. No, that wouldn't happen... Even if the girl died the most pathetic of all deaths, she was sure she can fulfill this new found purpose in what was left of her hollow life.
She was so tired of seeing everyone die meaningless deaths. It shattered her heart a long time ago, and you know what they say about that. You can fix the wounds, but it'll never be the same.
She would never be the same.
But despite that, the girl standing in front of him wasn't a rat. She really did want to believe that things could change, and everyone can be happy again. But you can't bring people back from the dead.
Death was still death, that peaceful, relaxing sleep that many probably longed for at this point.
Daiki was a bit surprised when he suddenly stood up, announcing that he had to leave, but she didn't question it. "I hope so too." the girl replied. Allies were needed, there had to be good magi still out there... There had to be.
'Maybe we'll meet again, if the odds are on our favor.'
That made her think... How many times had the odds been in her favor? What about Aaron? It wasn't often, she could say that. But Daiki could still hope.
Yes, they would meet again.
It was good of Aaron to not be as naive as her, though. He would get his expectation and hopes up, leaving them vulnerable to be destroyed by others. Daiki already suffered from that, and she was doing it again. Only for a different reason this time.
That girl was so dumb.
But she was optimistic. Optimism was rare in the world of magi.
"Thank you, I hope I can relax here a bit more often, though I should try doing that during the day a bit more..." she laughed a bit awkwardly but also bitterly. She knew that magi would attack at night more often.
The blonde hadn't cared at first. Maybe before, in a twisted way, she would've been hoping for that. But not anymore, she had finally started getting her mind back on track lately... Somehow.
"Ah--" at his last comment, she was taken off guard a bit, even though she- again- knew that bad magi attacked at night. And just like that, the teen was gone, like a ghost.
Like a ghost...

And once again, Daiki found herself alone.

MH - Aaron/Daiki - Feels, Rumors, and Allies (P2)

And it only gets better from here on

5596 Words
250 MP Each

She sighed.
What crappy weather. She never felt as happy as she used to so the fact that it had to rain really kind of annoyed her. Not visibly, but still. It was already night time. Daiki held the umbrella above her head and began to make her way toward a particular place she had in mind.
Daiki was a magi, so only she could get there, and no it wasn't the training grounds. It was a bit past the hot springs she had been introduced to not too long ago. Apparently it was a really good look-out-view, don't ask how the girl found out about it. She wanted to know if it was as good as she thought it would be, and when she found herself reaching the edge of the cliff, Daiki found she had underestimated it.
She found herself looking down at the beautiful view of the city of Norwood below. Okay, maybe not the ENTIRE city, but definitely most of it, and it seemed to make her not focus on the fact that it was still raining.
She wasn't in her magi outfit, so walking by, she just looked like some normal school girl with her umbrella trying to get a good view. It seemed like a good place to think, as well.

Aaron liked of that place, the bench right there for anyone to sit and look around. It was usually romantic, but now it was just silent and dark and alone. It was familiar. He could see most of the city from there and wonder, in the middle of all those bright spots, which one was his old house, with Evie and his family having dinner, or which one was the apartment he shared with William, and how the idiot was doing by himself. Which one would be the Eggbreaker, scheming her killings, which one would be the next victim... It was a funny game, that one. Trying to guess who was the next to fall. Since he was all by himself once more, the raven-haired teen could do that for as much as he wanted.
He was surprised when he heard someone approaching, although he knew he was just invisible to anyone. His eyes were fixed on the blonde girl, at her twintails, at her saddened expression - she seemed... Familiar. Aaron was good in remembering people, that was the key to survival, but now... He was tired... He was just very tired, from everything... And he just couldn't concentrate very well. He kept looking at her, though, waiting to see if her name would just pop on his mind, in an 'eureka!' moment.
But of one thing he was certain: if he HAD the impression he saw her somewhere else, so she was a Magi.
And... That was it. If she was a bad one, or a good one, he still wasn't sure.

If she could read the boy's thoughts she would actually agree that it really was kind of funny. It was like a mafia, really. A group of sickos that decided they needed to kill people. Daiki still didn't know the reason behind it, all she had realized was that some magi wanted to kill other magi. If the blonde knew the actual reason she might not be as disgusted cause at least there's more to it than 'oh killing is so much fun let's do it'.
She'd still hate them, of course, but that goes without saying.
Daiki even wondered herself who was next, only it wasn't directed toward the evil group's killings. She wondered who was next to die in general, it wasn't abnormal after all. Recently that girl got hit in the skull too many times, and apparently some really experienced veteran got killed as well.
She hardly reacted at the thought of death, she was upset that he had to die too, and it made it worse that if he was experienced he probably and a lot of information on him.
The girl was brought out of her thoughts when she finally noticed someone else was there with her on the hill-- a teenager with raven-black hair. She blinked before talking awkwardly, "oh-- sorry! I didn't notice you there. Did you want to be alone out here?" Ah, well, if he could make it to a place like this, then he must be a magi.

As he made himself visible, he was already thinking of what were his real chances against the girl if she was evil. She was just like a normal girl, but... Where was her Soul gem? It was fall, so the chilly air made people go all long-sleeved on him. But Aaron could guess that it was a jewlery. A collar, an earring, something like that. Jewelries were common on women, yes. But he couldn't see it, and if he started to talk to her for too long, she would get her attention on him long enough for his invisibility being rendered useless - and he... Still wasn't sure if he could afford that.
But as she seemed so awkward talking to him, he nods. Aaron knew he was a dark, tall figure with a scrutinous look. He knew that he was intimidating. But he also knew she was a Magi - he was so sure. So sure. But where he saw her before...? -, So he tried to play nice.
"Good night. I come here sometimes, yes. It's the perfect place for thinking," he mirrored her thoughts, without Daiki knowing. Still looking at her, wondering from where those blonde twintails were familiar... "God knows we need to do that a lot lately."

She was indeed a magi, and a pretty good one at that in her mind. She didn't think of herself as a professional, and she didn't go around challenging people to fight her just to show off- no. If she asked to fight it was both magi to practice and get better, or to protect herself of course. Thankfully, she didn't have to do that yet, but with the new little schemes and plots from a particular group, she was sure she'd probably have to soon enough.
It was going to be so different telling apart a spar and an actual fight, and she mentally sighed at the thought. As for her soul gem it was a small necklace underneath her Bellingham uniform.
The boy in front of her did make her slightly intimidated, but it's not like she didn't like him or anything, he was just sitting there, after all...
"Yeah..." the blonde replied in agreement. There's was too much to think about as well and it actually gave her a few headaches, but Daiki couldn't help but think a lot more than she was used to. "I guess you're also having a few issues lately?" If this boy was a magi-- which he had to be-- then Daiki would have to warn him of anything he didn't already know. Or, if he had been around longer than her, maybe he could do that instead.
Unless he was a part of that group. Then there would be problems.
The teen seemed to recognize her, but she didn't. Or at least she didn't remember any interactions, and it made it more likely that she wouldn't remember because of his little ability.

The chilly air of the night made his skin crawl, but that was a good feeling. It was what being alive felt like - how many Magi just didn't had the same luck? How many would die today, tomorrow, the day after? Thinking about that was sad, but it was also reality. It wasn't like just the stronger ones would survive; at that point, being cunning was everything. Being adaptable. And if that girl was alive until there, it could only mean that she was that - smart enough.
Or evil enough.
"I suppose so. We all are having a lot to think about lately, right? With all the killing those guys are promoting," he looks at her, his amber eyes on her brown ones. Was she evil? She seemed innocent enough to not be it, but... "Oh. Right. I have one question though, lady: did you had fun hearing her screams?"
If she was evil, she would know what he was talking about.
If she was good, she would have no idea of what that question was about.
Aaron was good when it came to reading people, so he would know exactly if she was lying. He was looking intensely at her for a reason, after all - trying to get all the little details that would give her away if she tried to fool him.

Daiki liked the feeling of the night's chilly air, it also made her feel alive and got her mind even further off of the whole your-soul-is-your-soul-gem thing. Can zombies feel that breeze, after all? Probably not., or at least that's not what she thought.
The blonde feared making new friends at this rate, which is something that she thought she'd never do. The girl thought becoming a magi wasn't anything more than having powers who could fight these evil creatures. But she and everyone else was wrong, and because of that, people are now dead. Like that poor girl in that honeycomb-like labyrinth.
Poor girl. Daiki didn't want to meet a nice person and grow attached to them only to have them slip through her fingers...
But this man already seemed like the serious, intelligent kind of guy, and the only other person who was serious and intelligent in her eyes was Lastien. Who is still alive. Intelligence was rather useful in times like this, so Daiki has gathered over time.
Unless, again, he was evil and was a part of that group. But with the way he replied, he didn't exactly seem as likely to be in that group, but maybe that's what he wanted her to think? Maybe.
That question, though... Why would he ask that!?
"...U-uh..." Daiki replied with a mumble. Who was 'she'? The dark-haired teen was just talking about the 'group', which she could only assume was the one going around killing magi, so was he talking about one of their members? One of their kills? Roni? She certainly didn't hear Roni screaming.
"I..." She started. "...What?"
The blonde still didn't know what he was talking about.

Aaron wasn't a reader of minds - he couldn't hear what she was thinking, the words her brain was creating inside her head. He could only see how she seemed unsure, panicked even, and afraid. He could only see how her eyebrows twiched in surprise just the slightest, as if she was... Recognizing. Knowing what he was talking about. But not on the way he was expecting, but in the way someone with a good heart and too much days as a Magi would do.
He felt pity for her, almost. He wasn't friends with anyone, so he really didn't felt the death of people like her. She... Probably must had friend who perished.
His amber eyes softened after her reaction. Thank goodness, gentle people were just easy to read because they were gentle. It wasn't like he wasn't still alert - even gentle people could kill, if the situation asked for it -, but knowing that the girl in front of him was a strong, but untouched by evil, magi was just comforting.
"Sorry," he shakes his head, an almost invisible smile creeping on his lips. "Sorry, miss. I just had to make sure you were not one of the evil members. You know how it is. We need to be very careful, and even that is never enough."
He goes more to the side and leaves a good amount of vague space on the bench he was sitting on.
"Don't you want to rest for a bit? The view here is amazing. It's cold, yeah, but." He looks at the sky for a moment and then for her again, as if remembering something. "Oh, where are my manners? The name's Aaron. Nice to meet you."

She had many friends who had perished, but she wasn't as sad about it as she had been before, it seemed uncomfortably normal at this point, but each time still hurt like the last. The girl really had lived too many magi days.
Of course, she wasn't a veteran either, at least not yet, but she was around a lot longer than a lot of the magi around Norwood. Daiki almost felt like an upperclassman to them, even though she was only a fifteen year old in her sophomore year of high school. Some of the magi that had passed were younger than her, so it frightened her to know that her last day on Earth could be any day at such a young age.
Daiki wanted to punch Inky. Throttle the damn thing if she had to. Buuuut it was nowhere to be found, so she was out of luck.
The girl seemed to relax at his explanation. "Oh! I understand." Well, it may had been a strange way to know but, whatever. "Yeah, for all we know one of the people in that group could seem like a normal person during the day, passing through crowds... It's kinda scary."
Resting seemed like a nice thing to do, the rain was clearing up a bit at least. Aaron, huh? Well, maybe Aaron wouldn't be like the rest of the magi, he was definitely a lot more intimidating and mysterious than most she met. You can never be sure, though. "My name is Daiki... Masaru. Nice to meet you, too."

He shaked his head. That girl gave him such distinct impressions - the first was that she was very naïve; telling her full name like that to him. Not that there was many Daiki’s on Norwood anyway, but that was dumb nevertheless. But the other was of a smart girl; not accepting right away his offer of sitting there, showing distrust. That was smart. He... Decided that he liked that ponytail girl.
(He would like her even more if he could hear her thoughts about punching Inky. He wanted to do the same with Bater sometimes. Those furry pests.)
"Yes. I could observe many of them for quite a long time, considering our life expectancy, and I can tell you, they're so normal. You would never guess they're murderers," hell, Lastien Revler was even a rich kid. Who would think bad of a richie? Those guys were fucked up. "Anyway, Daiki, I really think you should sit for a moment. I can even get up myself if you don't want to share. But it feels weird to let a girl like this." He shrugs. Well, he was a gentleman - or that what he liked to think. A worker of the LaBoi Café was at least considerate to women. "Beside, the breeze is much better right here."

It was understandable that she would make different impressions if you truly new her well. Daiki was just a dumb and naive kid who was exposed to too much death and suffering that it made her a bit... Weird? She was slowly becoming more and more cautious of others but still dumb and naive at other times, like for instance, telling her entire name to a random magi she had just met with the reasoning that he seemed different so it was okay. Other examples was her thinking that there was still hope for battling with people and living happily. Or maybe she was right and there was just shitty luck, but you never knew.
Didn't really erase her vicious thoughts toward Inky and Abhaya, though. Those two... They were the true villains. No, Abhaya and any one of those cat-creatures in existence. There was no way Inky and Bater were the only ones that existed, not with the magi population.
When it came down to her making a stupid decision, the pigtailed girl would worry more about getting other people hurt rather than herself. Daiki would never admit it openly, but the thoughts of simply crushing her soul gem and joining her perished friends, and had come to mind more than she would admit EVER. But in the end, the blonde would reject those dark thoughts and keep going. Sometimes though, as she rejected them, there was a different voice in the back of her head asking 'what's the point?'
"It's really kind of funny, though." Daiki said. "But still cruel, nonetheless."
Yes, here was another moment of her actually being more serious than bubbly, but that was also understandable from the huge change of... Lifestyles, lately.
But Aaron was right about her not trusting him immediately, especially since she knew for a fact he was a magi. Of course, Daiki had ways of knowing that a magi was good-hearted right off the bat, there was no way Rivaster could be evil, after all, or at least not the last time she met up with him. The blonde stood there for a few moments before hesitantly taking a seat next to him. Aaron was also-- again-- a bit intimidating so she wasn't really sure how to act around him quite yet. "No, that's okay, you were here first, anyway."
She looked back over the cliff and down at the view. "It is a nice breeze, though." With that, a small smile formed on her lips.

If Daiki even shared her thoughts with that young man, he would agree with her. The thought of dying also crossed his mind once or twice, but he rejected those. He couldn't afford to die, he would stubbornly hold on his life for Evie - or for himself. Since he was alone now.
It was a sad and lonely life, and no one should ever be a Magi. Nothing would be worthy enough of a lifetime of fighting.
As she sat next to him though, his thoughts shifted back to the blonde girl. He was trying to come with something to talk about, at least so she wouldn't be awkward around him. He was very self-conscious when it came to his appearance, even worse when at his Magi form. He really didn't wanted the poor girl thinking he was bad. She seemed sad, the light was gone from her eyes, and he could only assume she saw too much to be normal again. It was sad.
(They were all broken.)
"You see...", he starts, and even as he talked, the tall teen still was thinking. What he should tell her? That she was brave for not giving up yet? That they were just dumb for being there - as it was a good point for bad Magi to observe too? What really he should say to that girl? "I don't want to patronize you or anything, but I don't think it's safe to be walking around at night like this. They prey on Magi just like that, as if they were wolves. You must really have something you want to think about to come here even knowing that." He almost smiles too.

Probably what made Daiki feel even worse about it was that she had very, very subtle thoughts of 'what if I had just let dad die', but then slap herself in the face for thinking such things. She was never one to simply watch others die, even if she had done it once before without knowing. It was sad how it was becoming a habit lately. There were so many thoughts, images, considerations, and feelings swirling inside at once just waiting to explode, or to be shared with someone. The closest she had ever gotten to admitting these things was BB, Kae and Lastien, and even they hadn't heard everything.
It was too much. Way too much, really, was it all worth it? In a sick, twisted way, losing her dad instead of probably ten friends by now would've most likely been better, despite the heartache. But life was basically a one-chance video game, you make mistakes you live with it, there is no starting over.
"I know..." Daiki replied. What should she talk about, anyway? "I didn't really have a specific thing to think about in general, I just kind of needed to be alone after a lot of... Issues."
Aaron understood that, right? He was a magi, and she could already tell he knew what it was like to be in a bad spot in life, she seemed to already feel like he understood a lot of what she was feeling right now.
That didn't mean she would openly share them, though.

Yes, he could definitely understand that.
Like all the voices in his head just whispering to give up. That it was better to just rest. Sometimes he wondered if he really just left himself to die like that he would have a good dream on paradise. Or even hell - Aaron wasn't sure if Magi would be allowed on Heaven by this point. It was so wrong, kids like them thinking that maybe death wasn't that bad at all, but that was what it was happening, and he knew that if they really gave up on hope things would never be okay.
But... He couldn't find the words to tell that to himself, nor to that kid right there with him. It made him so tired, so defeated, that the raven-haired just wanted to rest his head right there at the bench and close his eyes. He didn't had a home to come back to anyway, he could sleep anywhere.
"Oh." He nodded.
That unforgivable impulse crept on his heart, making it poisoned with dark thoughts.
Aaron looks at her and then decides that this question would be too personal to be made looking into her eyes. Besides, he knew he was a fear-inducing figure. Again.
"...Issues. Did you lost someone?", he sighs, quickly in adding. "Although it's not even that strange now, anymore. Losing people. This is just wrong."
He did lost his share of precious persons too, if anything.
Even if they weren't truly dead - but for him, it was like they were.

Daiki believed in a Heaven after death. It may be naive, but hey, if there was one last way to have hope it was going to be that way at the very least. But what she truly believed to be Heaven was basically a world where she got to regain that shine in her eyes again, no dull brown as she stared at the Hellish nightmare that surrounded her.
Daiki believed that when she died, the girl would finally move on and be with everyone again with a place to call home, and for everyone to be happy... Together. Even Abhaya was welcome, there had to have been a point in her life where she wasn't so seemingly horrid. But her friends, Daiki knew they wanted her to live at least a little longer before seeing them again, so she would.
What hurt the most is simply that if there was even one, small thing that could be changed, then everything could change. In a different timeline, under different circumstances, everything could've been different. But it was too late.
She just wanted to live in a world without witches and magi. She just wanted to go that Heaven she had been dreaming of every night.
The blonde was about to reply to that, until he added the rest in and felt... Disappointment? Maybe that's what it was, disappointment with how things in this world had become.
"Yeah... It kind of makes me sick." She said, frowning further. "I've lost a lot of people... I miss them a lot."

He sighed at her silence.
It wasn't as if he was happy about having her there, not unhappy. If anything, he wasn't feeling nothing really. That was also true for his self-preservation: his body wasn't feeling the urge to fight or to flight. As if he was a mass of nothingness. And maybe that was what they were? Just a bunch of nothing, since their soul were inside a Gem.
How could someone start to innocent, oblivious to that world, and then slowly become more and more like a different person? Losing even their own self? Wasn't that just sad? If he looked back at the Aaron Galvin he used to be, and compared to the one he was now, he would feel so shocked; as if those two were separate beings. An entire world of experience divided both. Maybe it was the same with that girl: she too must feel so disconnected from her civilian friends, her parents... Her life.
When he thought like that, it was good in a sense that they were dying.
It was gentle.
But at the same time, it was the very opposite of gentleness.

"I bet you do," he nods. Yeah, the raven-haired had guessed that much. "I would praise you, telling that if you survived until here you must be very strong and lucky, but... That would be horrible of me. There's no 'luck' in surviving here. It's hell itself."

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